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KTA Applying Innovative Mapping Approach for Phase 1 ESAs
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April 17, 2012 – Boise, ID.  KTA has developed more than 70 Phase 1 ESAs over the past 5 years for new wind farm power projects throughout the United States.  At present, we are developing Phase 1 ESAs for projects in New York, New Hampshire and Montana.  These projects are being performed for several large wind farm developers on project sites ranging from as little as 1000 acres to over 80,000 acres.  Many of the projects have well over 100 landowners.  To develop high quality Phase 1 ESAs while also being cost-effective, it is vital that our mapping approach allow for the streamlining and interactive use of data.  We utilize a Google Earth application which allows us to overlay all desktop data and the interview results (which can include over 100 interviews) on Google Earth interactive maps.  The resulting map is then utilized directly by field personnel to mark areas where recognized environmental conditions are present.  Pictures taken in the field are also integrated into the map.  Having our personnel work directly with all of the data while in the field, allows KTA to streamline the data collection and deliver a high quality Phase 1 ESA at a competitive price.  For more information regarding KTA’s mapping strategy for Phase 1 ESAs, please contact Terri Raudenbush via Web form or by calling the Boise office.

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