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KTA Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary
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4-15-2011 – KTA Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

KTA celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary on April 21, 2011.  Ken Taylor of KTA says, “I can’t believe it has been 10 years since I started KTA in our home’s dining room…. I guess time flies when you are having fun.”  Since then KTA has opened offices in Seattle, Olympia, Portland, Boise, and Denver, added many outstanding employees and supported over 100 clients with a variety of challenging and interesting environmental matters.  According to Ken, “When I started KTA I had three goals:  1.) to provide very high quality environmental services at a reasonable price, 2.) to conduct activities in manner that our clients, our employees and our teaming partners not only thought of KTA as a ethical and technically sound organization, but were able to develop friendships based on trust and respect with KTA and 3.) to support some very interesting projects.  I am amazed to the degree we have been able to accomplish these goals.  During a recent government contract procurement, we were asked to have at least three letters sent directly from our clients to the government describing our past performance and cost-effectiveness (this was intended to allow for honest feedback that KTA would not otherwise see).  To drive home the point regarding our past performance, KTA asked 15 of our clients to submit such letters.  All 15 of clients voluntarily submitted letters and we later found out that every one of the letters indicated we had outstanding past performance.  This made me so proud of our company, our employees and our teaming partners.  It also gave me great appreciation for our clients, whom I consider to be friends.”
“Regarding being able to do interesting work…. we have been able to support an incredible array of projects ranging from: (1) leading the cleanup efforts at military, government and corporate NPL sites to (2) day-to-day environmental support we provide to hospitals, one of country’s largest retailers, the world’s largest parcel shipment company and the world’s 2nd largest wood products company to (3) developing Environmental Assessment documents for International Wind and Solar Energy Development Companies.  We have been amazed and so impressed as we meet people and conduct environmental projects on potential wind and solar power production sites spread around the United States.  We have been surprised when we recovered a 100 year old shoe, 50 feet beneath the city of Seattle shoreline with a drill rig.  We smiled when performing a historical environmental investigation for a property that included Jimi Hendrix’s original home.  What a job.  We sure appreciate all our clients and friends and look forward to more years of being challenged, amazed, surprised and yes, to continue smiling!”

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