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KTA Completes Vapor Intrusion Sampling and Analysis Plan
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10-28-2011 – Denver, CO.  KTA completed a Vapor Intrusion Sampling and Analysis Plan to evaluate whether TCE vapors are migrating into a Military Installation Bank from contaminated groundwater beneath the bank.  Evaluation of the Vapor Intrusion pathway from contaminated groundwater has become more common over past 5 years.  The evaluation can be a significant effort when the potential receptors are located in large housing projects over a widespread contaminated groundwater plume, which was the case at two other military installations KTA recently evaluated.  For more information on this subject, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Rick Griffith in KTA’s Denver office.  Additionally, excellent references may be found at:

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  •  EPA OSWER.  May 1992.  Compendium of ERT Air Sampling Procedures.   PB92-963406.

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