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KTA Completes the Assessment of Portland Harbor Site in Portland, OR
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1-1-09 – Portland, OR KTA, with the assistance of some fantastic subcontractors, completed a $800,000 environmental investigation at the U.S. Moorings in site in Portland, OR.  The project involved obtaining a large number of samples from media including soil, groundwater, sediments near shore and into the Willamette River and surface waters.  This challenging effort was conducted in a manner that resulted in very few, if any, complications.  Our subcontractors, TEC Inc, Science and Engineering for the Environment, LLC, Cascade Drilling and Columbia Analytical Services have done a tremendous job.  Further, the technical contributions from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers offices in Seattle and Portland have been instrumental in the project’s success.  Both the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (our client for this matter) and the U.S. EPA have been very complimentary regarding the overall project.  Our whole team is very proud about the efforts to date.  We expect to have the final Remedial Investigation Document completed by the end of October 2009.

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