Compliance & Planning

Facility environmental managers are faced with the challenging job of maintaining compliance with environmental rules and regulations.  This job requires a detailed understanding of regulatory requirements, facility operational requirements, and general management approaches.  Often organizations choose to obtain consulting assistance to support a specific need within their compliance program.  The consultant’s ability to provide excellent support is greatly improved when they have a detailed understanding of each of these items listed above.

KTA has extensive environmental compliance expertise on the following areas:

  1. Hazardous and solid waste management
  2. Wastewater and stormwater management
  3. Oil and hazardous material management
  4. Underground storage tanks
  5. Hazardous Substance and Toxic Release Inventory Reporting
  6. PCB and asbestos management
  7. Air Permitting
  8. NEPA and SEPA Planning

All of the senior KTA personnel have performed environmental compliance services for at least 20 years.  We have provided these services for a variety of business sectors, including:  energy facilities, military installations (Navy, Air Force and Army), Department of Energy facilities, retail and food products facilities, shipping operations, aerospace facilities, healthcare facilities, concrete and aggregate facilities, quarries, paper mills, various wood products facilities, metal product facilities and municipalities.   This experience allows us to tailor compliance solutions and management programs to a particular organization.

KTA realizes that compliance issues are often difficult to address and involve an element of risk management.  Our specialty is to “tell the story” behind the regulations and identify the different options for achieving compliance.  We take great satisfaction in developing an environmental management program that “really works” and is not just a document stored on a bookshelf or in a computer.

KTA offers a broad array of services, including:

  • Development of permit applications and plans to comply with regulatory requirements, compliance orders or settlement agreements
  • Identify waste management vendors and develop management programs for a facility’s waste
  • Develop wastewater and stormwater compliance programs
  • Develop programs for Toxic Release Inventory Reports and other hazardous material and hazardous substance reports
  • Evaluate air quality management programs, obtain permits and prepare compliance reports
  • Develop Facility Response Plans and Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control Plans to ensure compliance with oil spill regulations
  • Full environmental audit services
  • “Quick” environmental audit service (one-day review providing a general overview of compliance)
  • Development of planning documents to comply with NEPA or SEPA regulations