Resource Center

Acting as environmental manager is both an interesting and challenging position.  The position requires many different talents and allows for interaction with a wide variety of professions and people.  However, the position also comes with its share of challenges.  We have all felt the pressure of pulling together data for an EPCRA report at the 11th hour or having a surprise audit by a regulatory agency.

Many organizations have excellent support groups for personnel.  However, the support received by environmental managers can be limited.  To assist environmental managers, KTA has developed this resource center.  The purpose of the resource center is to provide links to websites and documents that we find useful.  Additionally, we encourage environmental managers to contact KTA anytime and “bounce” questions off our personnel.  All such questions will be kept confidential, no follow-up marketing calls will be made, and there is no charge for any advice we provide.

KTA Environmental Resource Center

  • 1.0 - Environmental Associations

  • 2.0 - Environmental Regulatory References

  • 3.0 - Environmental Tools

  • 4.0 - Environmental Articles of Interest

  • 5.0 - Documents and Products for Purchase

  • 6.0 - Training