KTA Associates, Inc. (KTA) was formed by Ken Taylor in 2001.  Mr. Taylor, an environmental engineer, has spent 24 years working for industry, the government, environmental consulting firms and a highly respected Northwest law firm.

KTA’s goal is to provide high-level environmental consulting services while at the same time giving back to the communities where we work.  We have three objectives.

  1. Provide a full scope of high quality environmental consulting services with a focus on developing innovative and strategic solutions.
  2. Be a trusted member of our client’s team.
  3. Give back to the organizations we serve and the communities we work in by contributing environmental training programs and guidance to both clients and environmental science students.

Our traditional  consulting services are fee-based.  KTA’s staff includes: Environmental Engineers, Architects, Chemists, Environmental Scientists and Attorneys.  Among these staff are personnel who are leaders throughout the U.S. in their areas of expertise.  KTA is fully insured, provides services via standard contracts, and utilizes standard accounting procedures.

Equally important are the training programs and guidance we provide as non-fee services.  Giving something back to the organizations we serve and the communities we work in is very important to KTA.  We look forward to getting feedback/requests from parties interested in these services.